Monlau Motul Technical School is the pioneering Spanish school in technical training for motorsport professionals. Since 1997 preparing the present and future mechanics and engineers of racing motorbikes and racing cars

A training center with over 300 on campus students in each grade and ends their training to acces to motorsport world and become the main characters.

Current professionals in national and international championships Technicians with a huge experience in mototsport in all disciplines. With experiences written and explained in the courses sharing with you. You will learn their main tasks, vocabulary and how they live in Motorsport world of 2 or 4 wheels.

Which this online courses the objective is to be able teach Motorsport engineering in all arround the world. Without prerequisites, without previous experience… except one basic requisite: The student must have pasion for Motorsport… and want to learn a lot.

  • Short lessons so you can learn on the go, on any device, anywhere. No more than 20 minutes a day.
  • You will have a very easy to use and intuitive platform to follow the program.
  • Each time that you finish a class, the next class will be unlocked. So you can go through the program at your own pace.
  • You will have a community where you can share, contribute, ask questions and most importantly, connect with people like you.
  • You also have downloadable material in each block to support the classes and expand as far as you need to.

MSc Race Car: Specific training to introduce the student in all the specs of an specialized engineer Motorsport of racing cars.

MSc Race Motorbikes: Specific training to introduce the student in all the specs of an specialized engineer Motorsport of racing motorbikes.

Introduction Modules: The possibiliti of introduce different specialities of motorsport and the student can choose, discover and decide how to learn.

Don’t you have previous experience? Don’t worry, you can choose any of our courses. But if you want you can start with one of our modules If you are happy with one of them and you want to make a step forward, you can enroll in our Msc Race Car or Msc Race Motorbikes

If you have any experience in Motorsport world, you can update yourself with one of our courses Updating itself is always a positive point in the path of success.

In Monlau technichal school we know how value is the time of our students. For this reason, tu be able tu study our courses you will have an important margin to combine them with your job and responsabilities.

For the Msc Race Car or MSc Race Motorbike you will have 1 year to be able to finish them with at your own pace.

For the single modules, you will have 30 days (per module) to study and enjoy it

They are approved by our own experience of our own institution Monlau Motul, for our more than 20 years training future professionals. We want our courses to be dynamic, we constantly update them according to the latest technical developments and therefore we do not want to lose flexibility.

All our courses are recognized by the Real Spanish Automobile Federation and the Real Spanish Motorcycling Federation.

Our masters have the balance to help from junior profiles with no experience, to professionals with years of experience in their sector. It is good for all of us to update ourselves and learn new concepts. All with a common denominator: his passion for Motorsport.

Yes. The programme is made up of videos and additional study resources in text: summaries, templates, pdfs, etc.

At the end of each module will be a small test with key questions of the contents shown in the videos.

Each MSc Race cars o Race Motorbikes has a price of 825€, or each single module has a price of 225€ each. What do you think?

Of course, once you had enrolled on our plattform, contact us for any paperwork need.

We are aware of onlines courses give us the capacity of bring our trainings arround the world As great is our students comunity, easier will be to offer our courses with quality and accesible to all Motorsport pasionate.

You can ask pur refund policy in the next link without obligations and with 100% clear

Nothing at all Lessons are unlock by accomplishment We recommend follow the day by day metodology but we understand that this is not always possible. You will have time to follow the classes with the best guarantee unconcerned or fall behind We completely understand that each student has a different situation in the managment of its time and we adapt.

Generally the MSc Race Cars and MSc Race motorbikes starts on the first week of the month and the third week

The modules starts at the moment you enroll Once you formalize your enrollment, you can start to learn the choosen modules

All the contents are structrured in short lessons (following the microlearning philosophy) and includes text, videos, presentations, real cases, extra material… All the contents had been designed to learn as intuitive mode.

You can count with our technical staff deparment of engineering, where profesionals un active in the main championships of race cars and race motorbikes will guide you and will recommend you during the way of learning

From a PC or laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Any digital device with internet access. The ease that our courses give you will make learning as easy and intuitive as possible. Wherever and whenever you want.

Of course, at the end of the course or modules you choose, we will send you a diploma certified by Monlau Motul and recognized by the Real Cars Spanish Federation and the Real Motorbikes Spanish Federation.

Choose what do you want to learn, the option where you can fell more confortable and fullfill the form following the steps until the enrollment is successfull. In less time what you thought, you will be enjoying what you love. Access clicking on this link