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Monlau Motul
Technical School


Monlau Motul Technical School is the pioneering Spanish school in technical training for motorsport professionals.

A school with more than 300 presential students every year who complete their formative stage to enter in the Motorsport world and become protagonists.

With an extensive career in presential training, in 2016 we accepted the new challenge to taking our classrooms around the world. Thanks to the success of our presential master degree, we decided to transfer the training and offer it at a distance, available to anyone who would like to take an active part in the world of motorsport and would like to be part of our community. Thus was born the online master’s degree in Motorsport Engineering.

Years have passed and now we want to expand this training opportunity. That is why we have adapted the training to make it more accessible to anyone with a common denominator: their passion for motorsport.

Talk about Monlau Motul Technical School is talk about Motorsport. Not only in terms of technical training experience, also in terms of sporting challenges and successes. With a strong team structure, Monlau Motorsport competes in different national and international projects. From the base of motorsport (cars and motorbikes) to the top of motorsport.

A 360º project designed to be a world reference inside and outside the box and the circuits.

“The student will enjoy learning everything about motorsport engineering that he did not know, to help him in his training and to bring him even closer to the racetrack. “

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